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Export Services

Successful international development depends on factors that are very different from a national development strategy.

An international winning strategy is based on:


  • The communication strategy: Compatibility between the product or service sold and the local population

  • A solid understanding of the target market: Finding the right contacts in the target countries

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Export services with international network experts

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Do you want to position your company in an international market and be able to export continuously?

Do you want to open new markets for your products in the middle and long term?

Do you want to build business relationships based on trust and respect?

Is dealing with a different culture stressful and confusing?

Your international communication is one of your success’ pillars

What to say?      Understandable content

How to say it ?      Compatible tools

Who to tell ?     The appropriate target

Where to say and how to mark the spirits?     Appropriate events and media

Abstract Background

Our added Value:

Our experience and knowledge of local markets

  • With the presence of our office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 45 years and a representative of the Middle East region for more than 22 years;

  • Our knowledge in the culture, the local working methods and methodology of each country of the region;

  • Our multiple study markets in several sectors over the countries of the region, during 45 years;

  • Our knowledge and communication with big, medium and small companies; with public and private institutions in the region, through our work with French trade fairs.

Get a glimpse of our knowledge and experience gained through our work and representation for French trade fairs in several economic sectors:

Our knowledge of the economic actors & influencers

  • Including: experts, unions, federations, public and private institutions, commercial and professional press of several sectors;

  • Our work with the most important international trade fairs for 45 years enables us to meet and know the best experts in the world, whom would be glad to work with us for providing advises to our clients.

Our experience and knowledge of global markets

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Our Strength

Unparalleled Geographical Coverage: Our 52 offices cover 120 countries on five continents. Our office covers the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf regions, with a perfect knowledge of the characteristics and commercial region’s traditions.

Bi-cultural experts: Our team has a dual knowledge of French culture and the culture of the local region of the countries in which they operate, enabling members of the Promosalons group to adapt their business strategies in a way that allows intelligent interaction between different cultures, taking into account the social and economic characteristics of the two dealing markets.

Interactive marketing that includes strategic consulting and follow-up work with its practical application: Our teams benefit from their knowledge of the markets to provide two integrated services, strategic consulting and accompanying the implementation of strategies, whether in marketing programs or training and follow-up

Our proximity to foreign markets: We are present in the world's markets and have close knowledge and relationships with influence's and economic players in the countries in which we are present.

• Our dynamic teams: Specialized in multiple and interrelated economic sectors and constantly developing itself. Our offices worldwide work together, and all meet at least twice a year to exchange experiences and discuss our clients face to face. This is other than monthly meetings, online training programs, and Think-Tanks meetings with our clients from trade fairs, chambers of commerce and industry, or French public and private institutions

Our network of trade fairs in France and around the world is a very effective marketing tool

Our services are customized, according to your needs and in Arabic



Our Services are suitable for:


  • Companies wishing to export internationally

  • Institutional officials responsible for export assistance


The sectors concerned are: 

  • Food industry & Dates,

  • Building materials industry,

  • Plastics, petrochemicals, and chemicals.

1- Build your communication strategy:

Content: Create an identity for your products and your brand, compatible with the target country's market and in the country's language.

We rely on the white papers prepared by our offices worldwide to adapt your products to the target markets: quality, packaging, standards, etc.

Tools: Include this content on digital and print communication tools, compatible with the target country's market.

Our local digital communication agency is at your service -


2- Build your event strategy: face-to-face, digital and hybrid

Event communication is one of the most powerful tools to reach its target and mark opinions. It has a strong impact; it allows the rapid creation of notoriety and develops personal and professional contacts.

Entrust us with the organization and promotion of your physical and digital events around the world:

- Networking events: press conferences, cocktails, lobbying ...

- Trade show events: the presence of pavilions and stands at our trade shows around the world

3- Build the targeting strategy:

        Direct Marketing: We help you target and identify the right prospects

        Influencer Marketing: We help you to:

* Build a network of journalists, influencers, and bloggers; marketing media

* Target communities on LinkedIn, Facebook… and active networks in the target countries; Social media

Note: Some of our offices also support you in the rest of the process and offer you reliable local contacts (legal and financial)

Terms of our advice and support services: 

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In a rapidly changing world, 
Our office is your key to your local & international success !

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