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Our Services

Through our local and international markets’ knowledge, and our collaborative experiences between the two markets, we offer our customized services and act in three areas:

- Export advice and consultancy.
Find technical or strategic international partners to develop your products and services.

- Training and coaching services.

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Technical or Strategical International Partners

We offer to find technical or strategical international partners to develop your products and services and strengthen your teams with high-level international experts, as a service contract. These missions are customized and planned for several days, weeks, or months, depending on your needs, to meet development requirements.


1/ Professional training for companies


A new training concept :

- With international academic expert’s institutes,

- Based on local and international market developments,

- Customized according to the business needs.


2/ Bi-cultural Training

- Training for international business relations

- Training for scholarship holders,

students and employees

A new training concept:

- Designed by multicultural experts from around the world

- Based on experience

- Customized according to your needs

- Training in Arabic language

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Export advice and support

We offer you a winning international strategy based on:

- A communication strategy, with content and tools: compatibility between your product/service and the local population of the target country.

- A solid understanding of the target market, events, and targeting; find the right contacts in the target countries.

Abstract Background

Our local office, with its worldwide network, is here to support you
in your international project’s development up to their achievements in all levels:
Exports - Imports - Finding technical or strategical international partners - Investments -   Business travel -  
Training & coaching

Conférence d'affaires

We offer global expertise with a local vision 

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