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Training Services

Professional Training Services for Companies

 We offer customized solution, designed with you,  in collaboration with international academics-institutions.

We propose a new training concept :

1- With academic experts & international training institutes

2- Based on the local and international market’s developments

3- Customized, according to your business’ needs

The transmission of knowledge and skills is the key to a successful company !

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Enhance personal's, employees' & company's skills !

Discover our training services 

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• Do you have employees who entered the labor market without an adapted training? Do you want to develop their skills to meet an increasingly demanding customer base without having them to leave their workplace?

• Have you noticed that with the rapid progress of the solutions and products you export, 20% of your employees' skills become obsolete every year?

Do you want to guarantee the capacity of your employees and their adaptation facing new technology’s and global market’s developments?

• Do you plan to make optimal use of your company's human resources? Increase its efficiency? Find solutions to have multi-purpose employees? Develop new missions and generate new services?


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Our training are adapted to:

- All levels: employees (salespeople, workers...), technicians, supervisors, engineers and executives…

- All sectors:

  • Construction / infrastructure and buildings sector;

  • Agriculture and livestock, agri-food (foodservices, agri-food industry, sale of agriculture and food products);

  • Maritime sector, security, environment (water treatment, waste, renewable energies, etc.);

  • Transport;

  • Optics and fashion…

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1- Two to three days training, in conference format or training sessions; online or on site.


2- A program on two main axes, at your request and following a study of your structure:
   • Generic: commercial and technical for salespeople,            and marketing and sales executives
   • Academic: for supervisors, engineers, and executives

3- Between 50 and 100 participants per session for salespeople, workers, and basic technicians; and from 20 to 30 for supervisors, engineers, and executives

4- An interactive training based on theoretical contributions (on PowerPoint) with technical supports:
   * Before training: skills assessment documents
   * During the training: assessment of understanding
   * After the training: assessment and certificate of           learning or attendance

5- In Arabic (simultaneous translation in Arabic for questions and answers)

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Boost your business! 
Position your company worldwide!

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We offer global expertise with a local vision

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