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Technical or Strategic International Partners
to develop your products & services 

We offer our clients to strengthen their teams with high-level international experts acting in the form of a service contract. Missions of few days, few weeks, or few months, to meet development needs.

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Finding technical or strategical international partners
to develop your products & services

• Are you creating or leading an evolution or transformation’s project to gain productivity and increase your market share and margins?

• Do you want to evolve, improve, diversify your production, imports, or services to meet an increasingly and demanding customers and a competitive market?

• Do you want to optimize your resources by using technological innovations?


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Benefit from detailed insight and pragmatic expertise

We will find the specific experts for your customized missions, for saving time and money.

In fact, a well-trained expert with solid experience based on his previous mission’ successes is not easy to find and it is even more difficult to convince him to expatriate.


We will find this expert and benefit your company from his expertise.

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Optimize your budget

Expert missions allow you to have real experts with extensive experience over a short period, which considerably reduces the budget spent.

In fact, an expert already costs a lot to the company; the task becomes impractical if you need more than one.

We will find this expert and benefit your company from his expertise.

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    Our services are adapted to:


  • Companies, institutions and/or organizations that wish to develop their services and are looking for innovation in terms of solutions and techniques with international expertise

  • Companies wishing to export internationally, optimize their resources, improve and/or diversify their production with the help of international expertise

  • Companies wishing to import products and/or techniques and solutions from abroad

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   The sectors concerned are: 

  • Agriculture & livestock 

  • Agri-food (food services, agri-food industry, sale of agriculture and food products),  

  • Maritime sector,

  • Security,

  • Environment (water treatment, waste, etc.),

  • Transport,

  • Optics, and fashion

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Advises and support’s modalities

1- Detect, identify and formulate your needs to carry out your projects

2- Search for and select appropriate international technical or commercial experts for your projects

3- Build your specifications for your international projects according to the standards of the target country

4- With some of our offices worldwide, we can support you in the rest of the process and offer you reliable local contacts (legal and financial).

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Let our experience helps you to take the best decisions and achieve your goals!
You can count on our ability of listening, understanding your context, your expectations
and supporting you in your choices and transmitting our know-how!

Conférence d'affaires

We offer global expertise with a local vision 

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